Stillwater Ponderings

What better way to round off a hard days work filled with wine inventory and staff meetings than with a new acquaintance from one of my absolute favorite breweries…

Stillwater Brewery has become an icon in the North American brewing scene and rightly so. Situated in Baltimore, Maryland it boasts numerous awards for it brews and features among Ratebeer’s top 100 brewers in the world list for 2013, yet still manages a large number of cooperative brews each year with brewers like Mikkeller and  De Struise. What draws me again and again to brews like Stateside Saison and Autumnal is the high quality combined with easy drinkability. Even after emptying a 75cl bottle one is more often than not eager to contemplate ordering a second round…

This evenings brew was drunk at Glød in east Oslo. Going by the name of Why Can’t IBU it shows a pale, light color in the glass. The nose shows a lovely balance between herbaceous hops and lightly toasted malt. The mouth is fresh yet well balanced, quite short but with a pleasing sensation of  dried apricot, melon and hay. This may not be as extreme as many other American beers in the Belgian India Pale Ale category, but it is definitely a very pleasant one. If you ever have the chance I highly recommend that you acquaint yourself with it as well.


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