Friuli Gems

One of the highlights of the Millésime Bio wine fair this year was meeting Friuli producer Mario Zanusso from I Clivi. Marios wines have for me always stood out as a premium example of what Friuli can accomplish, whether it be a vivaciously sparkling Ribolla Gialla, a sleek Verduzzo or a single vineyard Friulano with … Continue reading Friuli Gems

A Week Touring France

I’m sitting in a wine bar in Angers which I suspect is named Le Cercle Rouge, drinking a glass of Effusion by Patrick Badouin and contemplating the days that have passed. The problem with writing about wine is that every time you’re in the midst of it, within the flux of people, places, exchanges and … Continue reading A Week Touring France

A Wine Day in Languedoc

My first day in Montpellier has come to a close. Or at least it will shortly, for I feel a deep and dreamless sleep coming over me after 10 hours straight of tasting wines at three different wine fairs.

First Light

I’m sitting in a small café in Montpellier, munching away at a questionable pan provencale and sipping an adequate café au’lait. The sun is stinging my eyes, but it’s a good sun, creeping up over the roof tops to set my inner clock in order and wake my up after 24 hours of first work, … Continue reading First Light