Diving into Rueda

As with most things in life wine is subjected to trends and fashion. What the journalists are giving high scores may be the exact opposite of what normal people are imbibing. What people want to be seen drinking isn’t always what they should be drinking. But if there is one Spanish trend that seems to … Continue reading Diving into Rueda

Ramenhunting in Paris

There is much to be said for French food (and much against it as well), but after nearly two weeks on an extremely bread and cheese heavy diet I was drooling over the prospect of something – anything – other than French cuisine. Luckily an acquaintance of mine had tipped me off about a little … Continue reading Ramenhunting in Paris

Fiesta de la Floración

With my ears still ringing and just a vague clue as to how I made it back to my hotel room last night one can not but applaud the guys behind Comando G for yesterdays excellent wine & music festival…