Aligoté Bréau – Vini Viti Vinci

Hazy pale yellow color. Direct nose with a slight note of cider and apple blossom. Integrated acidity, pleasant dry compunds and short to middle length with reoccuring aromas. As the french say – glou glou!

Late Night Burgundy

Imagine this; A girl walks into a bar. It’s late – a friday night – and the place is packed, the music pumping. She whispers something into the bartenders ear and he nods, ducks behind the bar, and starts pulling out bottles that he lines up in front of her. Some of the other guests … Continue reading Late Night Burgundy

What a Coincidence!

I just met Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. They’re currently bumming around the Loire valley pouring wine under the name of Domaine de Juchepie. And considering how the wines taste I would say it’s a worthy part-time job for such a notorius pair…

First Light

I’m sitting in a small café in Montpellier, munching away at a questionable pan provencale and sipping an adequate café au’lait. The sun is stinging my eyes, but it’s a good sun, creeping up over the roof tops to set my inner clock in order and wake my up after 24 hours of first work, … Continue reading First Light

Tuscany 2014

The end of October seems to have brought with it the sunny and dry weather that Tuscany so sorely would have needed this summer. For most producers the high pressure of early September made it possible to salvage at least some of the harvest, but many were forced to discard up to 50% of their … Continue reading Tuscany 2014