A Wine Day in Languedoc

My first day in Montpellier has come to a close. Or at least it will shortly, for I feel a deep and dreamless sleep coming over me after 10 hours straight of tasting wines at three different wine fairs.

There is much to be said about the relatively new trend of creating alternative wine fairs outside of the bigger alternative wine fairs.

  • It’s difficult to get an overview of the abundance of small gatherings.
  • It costs me as a visitor a lot of money to fling myself across the countryside in search of these errant barns and forgotten villas that they are usually held in.
  • We all lose valuable tasting time to transportation, queuing and orientating oneself in a new place.

On the other hand wine fairs like Affranchis and Les Vin de Mes Amis are charming affairs, with an affable relaxed atmosphere, friendly, patient producers and superior food to compared to the larger events…

Todays tasting involved such diverse wines as Rousette de Savoie, Muscadet sur Lie, amphora-aged Teroldigo Rotalino and a new take on Rioja. I’d write more, but my eyes are staring to close against my will and there is a limit to the amount of incoherency even I will put in print.

I will say however, that my initial fears for 2014 can – if not be eliminated – then at least calmed. Those brave enough to sacrifice what must be lost made clear-cut transparent wines with precision and length. What they may lack in concentration they compensate for with a delightful acidity.

The fat lady may just have to postpone her performance…


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