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Better Late than Never in Burgundy

I’ve finally arrived in Beaune after 19 hours of transit, just one hour less than my trip to Tokyo last fall. Part of me wishes I didn’t support workers right to go on strike so fervently (it would make it easier for me to hate the French air traffic controllers for delaying my flight to the absurd). But alas, I am forced to bow my head in solidary resignation and mutely carry the cost of extra train tickets, additional waiting time at Gare de Lyon, the late cancellation of a hotel I never made it to and the quite impressive tab I managed to work up at Prunier Caviar House and Le Sommelier in Kastrup during an eight hour wait between flights.

I made it though, and I may as well be happy about that. Happy and expectant, because tomorrow is the second day of biannual wine fair Les Grands Jours de Bourgogne, and even if I missed the first day there are still four days left to go.

Les Grands Jours de Bourgogne is important to me not merely in its own right, but because it will hopefully be the starting point on my road to understanding Burgundy. Coming from an Italian wine background I’ve never really worked with the wines until now, and even though I’ve been in the region twice I still haven’t taken the step from seeing individual wines to understanding them in a wider, regional perspective. Let’s hope this coming week will change that…

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