A Bar fit for a Minister

As we were walking towards old town Bilbao for a night immersed in pintxos and txakoli we passed by what seemed like an old fashioned store front with a sign outside that read ‘Sir Winston Churchill Pub‘. Being wise in the ways of the world I immediately predicted that this would turn out to be our last pit-stop on the way home later in the evening.


And I was of course right. The Churchill Club looks like a gentlemans club from the early 20th century. Except for the bar of course, which seems to contain any and every gin known to man. Tired, not entirely sober, and still quite thirsty we ordered a number of gin tonics each and then sat enjoying the visual performance that was the bartender. Never before or since have I seen someone devote themselves so entirely to citrus peel, or poured gin with such ceremony.


Extra points for serving chilled (!) m&m’s covered with white chocolate as barsnacks. Weird yes, but also slightly wonderful…


This pub has been around for over 45 years and will probably be around for 50 more. If you happen to be thirsty and in Bilbao make sure to stop by.


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