A Dignified Elder

One of the kindest and most gentle people I know works at my restaurant as a chef. His kindness and thoughtfulness are of great sorrow to him – as he would rather be brave, bold and manly as few – but to us others it is greatly appreciated. After his latest trip to Italy and his hometown  Modena he declared that he had brought with him some small trinkets for us.

My “small trinket” was a 1952 Chianti Classico Riserva from Barone di Ricasoli. The level of wine in the bottle is excellent, the color is a rusty, mature red and no leakages can be detected. On the downside there’s no way of knowing how it’s been kept during these long years, but given a month or two of careful resting I’ll be sure to find out…

Another interesting aspect is that this bottle is from a vintage when the Ricasoli family was still in control of the estate. Since reaquiring the estate in the late 20th century the family has put in a lot of work to better and reconstruct the winery, and a comparison between the 1952 and 2002 vintage would be more than interesting.

Barone de Ricasoli

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