A Small Pit-Stop

It started as a simple thing.

Me – handicapped and feeling sorry for myself as only a healthy, relatively young woman obstructed by back pain can. Him – falsely patient and primarily hungry.

The solution seemed easy enough. A quick bite. A small meal pleasing my sense of aesthetics and gastronomy whilst presenting enough fodder to get him through the rest of the day.

We settled for Kolonihagen.

It’s an offshot of a two michelin star restaurant – Maaemo – located on Grünerlökka in Oslo.  Modern ecological Scandinavian cooking with a brewery of its own and a good set of ambitions…

We only had a dish each. I went for salted salmon with smoked cream cheese from Rørosmeieriet and the Hungry One grabbed a serving of mackerel with baked carrot, broccoli and potato puré.

Lovely seating. I won’t deny that. And a charming yet very nervous waitress. The wines were quite overpriced, as were the beers yet they held true to their ecological profile. The bread was apparently sour dough and müsli bread baked at their own bakery. It tasted store bought and stale, as did the “fancy” butter. The food? Well it… just didn’t taste much at all. The primary ingredients – the salmon and the mackerel – were at most none descript. Imagine that, such tasteful/pungent types of fish taking the passenger seat in a dish… The quality of the vegetables was quite good and yet nothing tasted as much as it should.

When you get bored before you’ve finished a dish it’s not as bad as a red light, but it certainly should be regarded as an indication.


I wish we had





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