Ramenhunting in Paris

There is much to be said for French food (and much against it as well), but after nearly two weeks on an extremely bread and cheese heavy diet I was drooling over the prospect of something – anything – other than French cuisine. Luckily an acquaintance of mine had tipped me off about a little … Continue reading Ramenhunting in Paris

Les Vin du Mes Amis

A small recap of the highlights of the 2017 edition of Les Vin de Mes Amis in Montpellier.

Future Plans in Priorat

It’s not everyday that one gets to taste the grape verdil or verdiell (local spelling). Originally from the Valencia region, a few of the vines seem to have found their way up the Priorat mountains to the vicinity of the small town Torroja del Priorat. Here Dominik Huber from Terroir al Limit is vinifying a … Continue reading Future Plans in Priorat